• Casual Saturday: The highwaist denim skirt trend
  • Super fun day with Speedo India
  • Cocktail day at Diageo Reserve World Class bar tendering competition
  • Summer style and hairstyle
  • Why is fulfilling your special wish at your wedding important? 

Casual Saturday: The highwaist denim skirt trend

Hello guys, Saturdays are the days to celebrate, wear your loose t-shirt and have some crazy time with your friends and family. From Monday to Friday we all are busy in work or other day-to-day things. We never get to experience the casual chic side of ours. So in today’s blog post I am going to share a casual look. The skirt I am wearing is almost 3 years old….


Super fun day with Speedo India

Being fit is the happiest thing one can get in life. Yesterday I attended Speedo Aquafit session with Aqua coach Pooja Arora at The Lalit, Mumbai. I am happy and positive to write this blog and describe the amazing experience I had. I collected Aquafit outfit from Speedo India store at Phoenix Market City, Lower Parel. The kit has a swim suit, swimming goggles, and a cap. The session started…


Cocktail day at Diageo Reserve World Class bar tendering competition

In the humid summer of Mumbai who wouldn’t want to experience the one and only Diageo Reserve World Class bartending competition? So here, I am happy to announce that I was a part of India’s best bartending competition, Diageo Reserve World Class India Finals 2017. The event was held on 6th June at St. Regis Mumbai, and trust me the overall experience of watching these spirit mixing magicians was amazing. It was…

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Summer style and hairstyle

  After a long time I am writing a blog today. I’ve been off track from past 20 days. My sleeping and  eating schedule is totally messed up. I am trying to get back to normal life, however sometimes it’s becoming difficult to accommodate all wrong habits in good ones. Apart from all this I shot my last look this week and I am pretty excited to showcase this look. The look is…


Why is fulfilling your special wish at your wedding important? 

And they lived happily ever after!   We all have heard this beautiful phrase in our life. We all want our wedding to bring that happiness and change. Happiness and memories which will stay forever with us. A Wedding is a once in a lifetime event, it simply doesn’t happen every month. To be precise I am talking about my own wedding. I want my wedding to be unique, memorable, fun and happening….


My sleeveless coat story

Summer is heating in all way, People say I can’t wear you in this sunny day, Life is  like a floating boat Then I chose to be with you my lovely coat …. You keep me warm and safe And I believe in you with all my faith…. After writing this short poem on a coat, I am going to tell you guys how to style this lovely sleeveless coat….


Denim and pizza day out with my niece

I decided to go out on a denim and pizza day out with my niece. We both wore a pair of denim and enjoyed our denim and pizza day out at 1441 Pizzeria. I see she is becoming fashionable day by day and I am loving it. Denim is just so comfortable. However, let me tell you I am not someone who will pick any denim. I take a lot…

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My Super Cool Relaxing Day With 7 UP Revive

It’s 10 in the morning and I am still figuring out what to wear. My whole wardrobe is a mess. For just one piece of clothing, I have to dig into my wardrobe like I am digging for gold. And the funniest thing about my wardrobe is that it’s full of black clothes and it becomes difficult to find that one black pair which I want to wear. After digging…

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Summer style is all about florals and funky hairstyles

Hello lovelies, I hope you all are enjoying summers and not too worried about what to wear this summer. So reduce your little chaos of summer fashion, I am going to post series of summer style stories in coming days. Let’s talk about today’s blog. I am wearing floral body suit which my sister bought from Veromoda and the white sneakers are by H&M. In this blog more than the…

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In conversation with Men n’ More: Kavesh

Well we all say style is this and that but in real life we forget all those tiny aspect of styling. So in today’s conversation we have Kavesh from Men n’ More. 1) Tell me something about your blog and what made you start this blog? Well, Men n’ more is a place where men can come and improve their style and be the better version of themselves. I used…

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