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  • Tears
  • Green on greeen day out
  • Breathe: Amazon Originals
  • How I dealt when someone called me “God she is too dark”  my real life experience

Ethnic style in my way

Hey hey! I have started exploring ethnic fashion. I personally dont wear ethnic but this time I have combined ethnic and western together. I bought this kurta and pants from Ajio. You will not believe the price of my this outfit. It just for RS. 540 and 700. Amazing deal right. I bought the footwear from a local cobbler. It is priced at RS. 350. The earrings are from The…



You stood there and watched me cry, I removed the curtains to clear your sight, Tears on face shined in the broad light, You didn’t move because your ego held your soul tight @duskypoetry


Green on greeen day out

This was dumped in my closet since a really long time. Worst part is that I have worn them just once. So finally I decided to put them on my blog. Let’s start with the top. Criss cross T-shirt: oh! let me correct that it’s actually a body con dress, which I am wearing as a top. I couldn’t find better option than wearing this body con dress on my…


Breathe: Amazon Originals

In the world of digital, we all are streaming content online. From watching videos online to using social media platforms and downloading content on your phone, this activity has become a staple in our life. About Amazon Prime: Recently, Amazon Prime has made our life happening by bringing shows in their Amazon Originals’ category. It has some good mixture of shows in Comedy, thriller, romance, Indian regional movies and many…


How I dealt when someone called me “God she is too dark” my real life experience

Hello pretty ladies out there, hope you all are doing great. Since the New Year has begun, I am all excited to write this blog for all the dusky beauties out there. If you see the title of the blog is “How I dealt when someone called me “God she is too dark…..”, for me beauty is more than just looking good. What defines beauty or who has given rights…


Her love

Her love is fragile Like a snow flake Made in heaven Dropped on the earth To let you feel that the world is still a beautiful place to live Her love is fragile So don’t push her so hard Coz snow flakes are rare, Once broken, can never be formed again.

Kissed for no reason

I kiss you for no reason

I kissed you for no reason, Like you hurt me for no reason Day and night, to bring that smile on his face Kissing you for no reason, Just to see your smile Holding you close to my heart The moment you touched my skin I had no control over my heartbeats You hid your face, Like I was your sky and you were the moon


Thousand stars

Holding my breath, like the Sun holds his light entire day to let the moon shine bright Closing my eyes to open tonight like flower open its petals with the first raise of sunlight Holding you tight like stars hugs the darkness entire night to shine bright Holding my tears like rainbow absorbs the fight of Sunlight and raindrop


Look stylish in two mintues this winter

Hello everyone! How’s the winter guys? Enjoying wearing those stylish jackets, polo neck tshirts and woolens. I have created this easy breezy formal office wear look for this winter. I am a big fan of polo necks and checkered pants. I don’t know why, but I find this an apt combo for any go to go cool and without putting much effort you can look chic. You can see I…

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