Casual Sunday: The high waist denim skirt trend

Hello guys,

Sundays are the days to celebrate, wear your loose t-shirt and have some crazy time with your friends and family. From Monday to Friday we all are busy in work or other day-to-day things. We never get to experience the casual chic side of ours. So in today’s blog post I am going to share a casual look.

The skirt I am wearing is almost 3 years old. I bought this skirt from Bandra in 2012. That time the trend was different and this skirt was loose to me. I wore this skirt during my hostel days in Pune. That time there was something which I didn’t like about the skirt, however there is something which I, now like about the skirt. May be the trend or the fitting or may be I have accepted my self the way I am. The top and shrug is pickedĀ from H&M. So go ahead and try this look.

Find another street style look here.

cas6 Casuasl1

Cas Cas2 Cas3

Skirt: Local Market Bandra

Top and Shrug: H&M

Shoes: H&M

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