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There are so many women in India who are talented and can do wonders in life. This blog post is to embrace that new woman of India. Being a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I come across many women and they all inspire me to always take one step forward in my blogging journey. Nothing is easy girls, but nothing is impossible also. All you have to do is to keep yourself positive and work towards your dreams. Believe in yourself and achieve your goals. I am going narrate a small story to give you some positive vibe this No-vember with Veda Earth.

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VedaEarth, a Bangalore based company has introduced premium skin care products for the modern woman. The brand which combines aromatherapy and vegan Ayurveda is targeted at the intelligent, empowered woman of today who juggles various roles and struggles to fit in an elaborate skincare routine. VedaEarth is founded and led by Divya Dinesh. As a young female entrepreneur, she wants to build a brand which celebrates the self-confident, empowered woman of today. With this objective, the brand has launched the #SheisaVEWoman campaign, which is a celebratory series of inspiring, modern women from various walks of life.

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My Journey:

This is my second blog, I started my first blog in 2010 however, I shut my first blog and started This time I was sure about what I am going to blog. With an idea in my mind and courage in my heart, I started working on my new blog project. From making the blog to writing the blog , I did all by my self. In the beginning the work was less so the number of visitors on my blog. Guys, I worked day and night to take this blog to one level ahead. I always researched on new fashion trends, curated my personal style look and put in words to make my readers up to date. So after almost 2 years, I sustained my blog readers and started full time blogging.

It feels great to share my journey with you beautiful ladies. For me women empowerment is all about believing in yourself. So whatever you do you have to nail it. Don’t look behind and just do whatever you feel. There is no time to bound yourself with restriction and society. Remember, there is one life and you have to live like a queen.

So be the queen and rule your life 🙂
All the best!

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