Breathe: Amazon Originals

In the world of digital, we all are streaming content online. From watching videos online to using social media platforms and downloading content on your phone, this activity has become a staple in our life.

About Amazon Prime:
Recently, Amazon Prime has made our life happening by bringing shows in their Amazon Originals’ category. It has some good mixture of shows in Comedy, thriller, romance, Indian regional movies and many more. These shows are known as Amazon Originals. The Amazon Originals are shot, marketed and curated by Amazon India.

About Breathe:

So the latest addition to “>Amazon Primes Originals is “Breathe“, aired on 26th January, 2018. The story of Breathe roams around an 8 episode emotional and thriller drama aired Amazon worldwide a middle class, single father whose son John’s health is suffering from Lung failure. He loves his son so much that he is ready to do anything and everything. A story about unconnected serial murders breaks in Mumbai. Kabir gets this specific case by his seniors, whose personal life is in conflict. However, Kabir is all time favorite and intelligent officer of CBI.


The Story breaks in Mumbai about unconnected serial murders happening around. Kabir gets the case by its seniors. Kabir starts his investigation and finds that all victims are being donors. Kabir suspects Danny as he fits in the whole situation.

My take on Amazon Prime and Breathe:
I personally feel this is going to be the talk of the town in future. We love watching interesting stuff and a thriller is my favorite. The best part about Amazon prime is it’s just Rs. 999 per year. Damn affordable! Breath is a something new concept than watching the typical Saas Bahu thing on daily channels. It’s interesting and has a story line.

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