My Super Cool Relaxing Day With 7 UP Revive

It’s 10 in the morning and I am still figuring out what to wear. My whole wardrobe is a mess. For just one piece of clothing, I have to dig into my wardrobe like I am digging for gold. And the funniest thing about my wardrobe is that it’s full of black clothes and it becomes difficult to find that one black pair which I want to wear. After digging for 30 minutes, I finally found my shoot dress. Oh! By the way, I forgot to tell you guys that today I am going to do my blog shoot and am running super late.

7UP2 - Copy

I have to prepare other things as well, which will be required for my shoot. Being a fashion blogger, I always create looks keeping certain basic aspects in my mind. Like those simple looks which you can create and wear in your day to day life.
It makes zero sense to me that I create a look where I’ve worn everything from accessories to bags, to heavy shoes, to layers of makeup and a ton of clothes. For me, fashion is comfortable style. So today’s look is all about comfortable style. Set yourself free and enjoy your life with style.

Now that I’ve gathered everything which is required for today’s shoot, let me grab a bite and head out, out in the insanely hot and humid Mumbai weather. God save me! I prefer eating less and light in summers because your body should feel light so you don’t feel lazy. So now that I have given you enough gyan, I should head out!

7UP10 - Copy

Heading towards my shoot location, I am sweating like hell, my makeup is disappearing with each drop of sweat and it’s going to be a long day today. Two changes and at different locations. I don’t know how I am going to maintain the fluids and essential electrolytes in my body. I feel like just stopping and turning back.

After these horrible thoughts, I thought about buying a drink which will help to restore the electrolytes in my body. I bought 7UP Revive from a nearby shop. First of all, the blue bottle straight up caught my eye. It looked good to me, so I thought about giving it a try. After drinking 7UP Revive my body felt better. I felt good and hydrated. Now I can sustain myself for a long time. I got some energy and electrolytes, thanks to 7UP Revive!

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