8 Facts About La Tomatina

Getting crushed and smashed have never been so fun. The tomato throwing festival attracts 10,000 of people in the small town of Boñol, Spain. Here people crush the tomato and enjoy getting messy and dirty in the true color of tomato. Even Google celebrated the festival by creating cute Doodle.


Here are some interesting facts about La Tomatina:

1) Boñol Doesn’t Grow Tomatoes, know for producing cement: Cement and tomato festival is a deadly combination. Thank god they don’t play with the cement. Wink!

2) Around 5000 tickets are reserved for the natives of Boñol: That’s impressive and humble, after all they deserve the most.

3) La Tomatina festival started after a fight at market in 1945: Never imagined that small fight will become the big festival.

4) Worlds largest food fighting festival: Sounds crazy.

5) A slice of ham begins the crazy fight: What ham? Why not a big tomato.

6) Around 40 to 50 metric tomatoes are used: We can paint the world.

7) At the end of the fight the street and people looks clean: Yes we all know its acidic.

8) During the dictatorship of Francisco Franco in the 1960s, La Tomatina was banned: Oops! That’s was cruel.

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