CASHe App made debut as India’s first money borrowing app

CASHe- India’s first digital app to borrow money and providing short term loans.


I always stopped myself at month ends, when my gang wanted to go parties. This has become usual for me to say,”I am not coming. I guess I’ve opted the culture of being broke at month end and end up asking money from my parents. I shamelessly say, “I have no money.” These are the day when I really wish for a money santa or mini banks.

My wait is finally over!

I am happy to tell you guys that India’s first digital cash and loan giving app is here. You no more have to run behind your parents or any banks for money. You don’t have to wait for your salary to get credited. Before the launch of CASHe App, I had no idea about the app and its qualities. At the launch, I saw the demo, where all you have to do is to download the CASHe App by using one of your social media profile via Google App. This app is easy and quick at the time when you are really in need of some extra cash. All you have to do is to provide basic information on your smart phone and you are exempted from all the painful paper works. Within minutes, you can avail a convenient 15-day loan for a one-time processing fee with no other hidden costs. At this time, the app is only available for Android users.




During the entire launch I kept my ears open to hear what Mr. V. Raman Kumar, Chairman of TSLC PTE LTD. saying, he stated, “CASHe is the ideal platform for consumers to take control of their short term finances.” He clearly said, “Today’s youngprofessionals have different aspirations and needsnotvery well addressed by the present banking system. We are simplifying theirborrowing experience with CASHe. With this new smart phone platform we will be providing immediate cash loans based on their social profile, merit and earning potential using our proprietary algorithms and machine learning. All loans through CASHe will be disbursed by One Capitall Ltd. An RBI- registered NBFC”.


The jackpot of the day was seeing Bollywood star Arjun Kapoor . He launched the app stating, “Today’s generation believes in instant gratification. If I have to speak on behalf of the generation I represent then I’d say our fundamental belief in life is to work hard but party harder and at most instances we run out of resources to cater to our fast paced lifestyles. Saving money is more important to my parent’s generation than it is to my generation. CASHe will be the go-to app to raise immediate and efficient money. CASHe is a great way to ensure financial independence and responsibility at the same time. I am delighted to be associated with CASHe”.



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About CASHe
CASHe, a fin-tech product from TSLC PTE. LTD., is as unique as the young professionals it serves.
In a smart digital world, CASHe offers millennials quick and easy personal loans through processes that are transparent, innovative and tuned to the times. CASHe utilises sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities to deliver an amazing and improved lending experience to our customers, thereby helping young professionals achieve their financial goals effortlessly. CASHe is India’s only cash giving app that offers instant transfer of funds for approved applicants.
An initiative established by a visionary founder whose last venture was valued at over a billion dollars, CASHe is brought to you by a team known as much for its expertise and experience in technology, banking, AI and big data analytics as it is for its past entrepreneurial success.

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