March 12, 2018

You stood there and watched me cry, I removed the curtains to clear your sight, Tears on face shined in the broad light, You didn’t move because your ego held your soul tight @duskypoetry Please follow and like us:


Her love

January 26, 2018

Her love is fragile Like a snow flake Made in heaven Dropped on the earth To let you feel that the world is still a beautiful place to live Her love is fragile So don’t push her so hard Coz snow flakes are rare, Once broken, can never be formed again. Please follow and like us:


I kiss you for no reason

Kissed for no reason
January 23, 2018

I kissed you for no reason, Like you hurt me for no reason Day and night, to bring that smile on his face Kissing you for no reason, Just to see your smile Holding you close to my heart The moment you touched my skin I had no control over my heartbeats You hid your face, Like I was your sky and you were the moon Please follow and like…


Thousand stars

January 22, 2018

Holding my breath, like the Sun holds his light entire day to let the moon shine bright Closing my eyes to open tonight like flower open its petals with the first raise of sunlight Holding you tight like stars hugs the darkness entire night to shine bright Holding my tears like rainbow absorbs the fight of Sunlight and raindrop Please follow and like us:


Kiss me in the snow

January 20, 2018

When snow will fall everything will be covered  in the color of white that time I’ll say kiss me in the snow You hold me tight and grab my waist stare into my eyes  and kiss me in the snow Kiss me till my hands get freeze and my heart melts with the warmth of your love let the snow cover our love beneath its white shadow our lips will…


Her last wish

January 19, 2018

He was her last wish While she took her last breath With saying love you Thinking about the moments She held her hand Close to her heart Looking in to his eyes Touching his face Painting with the color red She smiled and closed Her eyes forever He held her face in his palm And kissed her forehead Closing his eyes She was his last wish While he buried love…


Look in to my eyes

January 15, 2018

Look in to my eyes, You will see what have you done, The glitter is gone,  And they have dried, Look in to my eyes, And see your face, Did you notice I didn’t blink this time,  Look in to my eyes, And hold my face, And tell me the truth, That you are gone Look in to my eyes, And read them like a book, Every chapter tells the…


The fear of being real me

November 16, 2017

How many of us can accept the real you? What your fear to accept the real you? I have struggled day and nights to be they perfect girl. There were people who used manipulate me and make me feel worthless. Today, with you guys sharing my real struggle of being real me. There are times when I feel empty, I want to runaway and hide, or I just wanna scream…


It’s time to let go!

October 24, 2017

It’s time to let go! Let go of those scars, they are not love anymore Let go of that fear, they are not your emotion anymore Let go of that hand, they are not holding you any more Let go of those memories, their is no hope anymore Let go of that sadness, their is no sacrifies anymore Let go of those tears, they are not worth anymore Let go…