Why #MeToo? Why not they? #NotMe anymore

October 16, 2017

Since childhood, I have been taught to live like this and that. This “This and That” includes don’t talk to boys, don’t wear short clothes, ignore people if they are trying to put you down. In school there were a bunch of idiots who made fun of the girl’s size- you know what I mean. If she was carefree then she was tagged as “Ye to aisi hi hai category”…


In the game

October 12, 2017

In the game! She was his adventure and While playing the game of adventure, He became her favorite game! He couldn’t see the bright side In her dark color, In the game of color She shined like a rainbow She couldn’t find peace in his lifestyle, So in the game of lifestyle, She forgot to live He couldn’t resist her beauty, So in the game of beauty. She became the…


Girl In Ballerinas

October 12, 2017

They teased her with different names, And she twirled in her ballerinas like a hurricane… Keeping hopes in her mind, And walking in those pointed shoes.. She looked in their eyes.. They could feel the strom of her voice, with every step she took in those pointed shoes… pinning their ego… And all she could feel is pride! The wind was fast so her steps, They tried to stop her,…


The Lost Soul

October 9, 2017

She searched her cure in him, and he became her biggest pain… She searched her lost soul in him, But he stole her heart…. She searched her smile in him, But he exchanged with tears… She searched her peace in him, But he became the horror of her life… She searched her whole life in him, And he became the reason she lost her life…. Please follow and like us:


The Bubble Gum Love Story

September 5, 2017

She hated bubble gums through out her life, Today finally he kissed her for the first time, And passed that sticky saliva to her mouth, Now bubble gum is her munching food! Please follow and like us:


Story of her eyes 👀 💋✨

IMG_20170903_214413_825-02 (1)
September 3, 2017

She winked when she met him for the first time, She was all sassy and classy She blinked when he held her waist, She was all furious and notorious She closed her eyes when he kissed her, She was all numb and mum Please follow and like us: