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Happiness is at home! For me happiness is reaching home after a long, hectic day. Home is one thing that keeps me positive. Sometimes all I need a corner in my house, a few cushions, candles, coffee and a book to read .Being a girl, I love to decorate my room and other parts of the house. However, the city life takes up all the time. We all are so busy that we don’t get enough time to think and implement our home decorating plans. Nowadays, the best way to decorate your house is to declutter all the unnecessary things.

Westside Homes
Westside Homes

While you create a new home, don’t forget to make a small garden area. I know in a city like Mumbai, it’s really difficult to get an open garden or a huge balcony. Even if you have a small balcony, you can create your own small garden. My home decor ideas changes as per mood and occasion. So girls, the festive season is around the corner, start preparing to celebrate your new home.

Let me help you in the process:

Yesterday, I attended the launch of a new home décor collection by Westside. The collection is a great combination of classic and contemporary styles. The home wear range is divided under 5 categories: Furniture, living, bedding, bathrooms and kitchen. I must say that the furniture is a perfect blend of the classy and the modern. The collection is subtle and modern. I personally loved the detailing of each category. Décor doesn’t necessarily have to take a larger than life approach. Sometimes we should cut down our extra furniture and take the minimalist route. So while you create a new home, you may decide to go for an overall classic look.

Hope you will have great time decorating your new home. Don’t forget to share some pictures.





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