In conversation with Men n’ More: Kavesh

Well we all say style is this and that but in real life we forget all those tiny aspect of styling. So in today’s conversation we have Kavesh from Men n’ More.

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1) Tell me something about your blog and what made you start this blog?
Well, Men n’ more is a place where men can come and improve their style and be the better version of themselves. I used to dress reasonably well, it was always an important part of my day and I loved talking about style and fashion. So, when I saw some really good looking men dress horribly, I started this blog to help them out and also to give them a place where they can read something more than just six pack abs and half naked women.

2) What is your style statement in daily life?
My style statement is pretty classic. I love well-fitted clothes  and I love wearing ethnic as well. I like to mix casual styles with my office formals. Vintage styles also excite me. You can say basic, classic and a little experimental.  

3) What is one thing every Indian men and women should have in their wardrobe?
A well-fitted pair of Denims, more specifically a dark wash denims, it’s classic, timeless and it is the most versatile piece of clothing. 

4) One thing you like the most when it comes to accessorizing your over all look?
I try to keep my accessories minimal but I pay special attention to the details. I love watches, I think they are a best accessory for any man. A simple tie pin or a cool bracelet may look very small but trust me it can completely transform your look.

5) What is one advice you want to give when it comes to girls styling?
I think women already excel in this field still if you want an advice, dress according to your body. Wear something that makes you confident and complements your lifestyle. Also, please don’t over match things. 


6) Biggest turn on and off in styling (Men and women both)
For women: being too matchy-matchy, as in matching every thing from head to toe 
For men: I hate people men wearing square toe shoes and dirty flip-flops. 

7) What is fitness regime? and one advice?
Now that is a tricky one, well I used to workout in the gym but due to sudden change of work schedule I no longer do that, I run 2-3Km every morning. I would like to tell all your readers to move their butt and do some physical movements. It can be a brisk morning walk, climbing stairs or going to the gym, you need to sweat it out. 

8) What is stylish girl for you? Describe
For me  a stylish girl is someone who is confident in her skin, smart, well-informed and knows her negatives and positives in style. One more thing “She is never under dressed”

9) One style you would love to see your girl wearing on a date?
Anything that complements her body. However, I love high-waist pants, retro denim jackets and a basic crew neck t-shirt on any girl and most important she should pay special attention to her shoes. 

10) Where can we learn more about your work?
I have a blog named, Instagram handle and also a youtube channel with the same name Men n’ more (I will link that). I am starting a podcast pretty soon, will keep you posted. 

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