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Hello girls!

We all know that there will be a day when our skin will start aging and to prevent this we gonna take multiple steps. So why not take those measures now. Life is short and in this short life, we should look beautiful. I got this Mitchell USA product to try, experience its effects and share my view on the same. So first let me introduce you to “Mitchell USA”


Mitchell USA, founded by the renowned dermatologist from Scotland Highlands. They identified the process of aging and crafted these niche products targeting towards discoloration, aging, and flaws in ‘dark’ skins. That’s how ‘Mitchell Cosmetics Ltd.’ helped millions to look youthful. Over the years, the Mitchell Group and its laboratories in Switzerland, United States and France, continued to reinvent this Scottish myth, with constant research and development of formulations.

Mitchell USA has partnered with Sunita Ramnathkar, she is the women behind FEM bleach India. introduced FEM in India, in a time when everyone only focused on fairness creams; then turned it into a brand celebrated by women in every Indian household. With the advent of Mitchell, she now brings a unique new legacy to the Indian skincare story.


The beginning of this magical formula is from 1,288-year-old Sacred Lotus Seeds, which sprouted within just two days of being planted. The product is packed with BioRepair MT Complex, contains Sacred Lotus Seed Extract with peptides, antioxidants, amino acids, anti-inflammatory botanicals and newly discovered algae extracts to repair and renew the proteins which make our youthful and rejuvenate from inside.

Product range: the product range is unique to target aging problems. From brightening to anti-wrinkles to anti-aging serums to lightening to tightening skin. They have covered all the possible skin issue about aging. The product ranges from Rs.500 to 1500.

My recommendation: I used the product for 7 days and could see a fine difference in my skin. However, I also take a lot of measured to maintain healthy skin and stay spotless. Mitchell USA is a brand which provides end to end solution in skin care. It helps us to improve skin texture, reduces dine lies and improves the natural tone.


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