Don’t Miss Sonakshi Sinha’s Funny Response To Her Twitter Haters!

Sonakshi Sinha is known for her ingenuity and positive attitude towards life. We love the way you carry your self and we are proud that Bollywood has such artists. Your bold attitude towards your hater made

Look how she replied:

Here is a sweet message from us to Sonakshi:



Here is a little suggestion from us to haters:

Being a girl, it sometimes makes me realize that materialistic beauty is just temporary and fades off when washed away, just like a makeup. But being a girl, it brings be closer to a realization that true beauty is a beauty that can be forever cherished and stays eternal – The Beauty of the soul.

Even the perfect size zero, fair complexion, or a 6 pound makeup won’t stand to compete with beauty that is lies inside. For a girl, it’s more important to discover her inner beauty because at the end of the day, it’s what stays.

Seems like you have given up on discovering how beautiful you are and you have now shifted your target. . Beauty is not restrictive to how you look. It is beauty beyond what we can see, feel of imagine. Be unique, be happy.
Stay blessed, may god help you to make your soul beautiful.

This one is for lovely girls out three:

Dear girls,

If someone calls you ugly then simply smile and say,yes,I am ugly and ‘I just found an ugly soul’.

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