My favorite music app: Gaana


I love to listen to a music. Whenever I am stressed all I do is simply go to my Gaana App and listen to some of my favorite music. This is the best way to relieve my stress and bring joy to my life. I have been using Gaana app from last two years and trust me it never disappoints me. It always gives a huge list to select songs. You can choose any favorite song and I bet it will e there on Ganna App.

There are few great features of Gaana App:
1) Trending music videos: This is the first feature I love in Gaana app that you can scroll your favorite trending video on the home screen. These are the world trending videos to keep you updated with the music buzz.

2) The New Lyrics Tab: Sometimes I Google to find the correct lyrics of my favorite song, however, Gaana app has made my life easy by simply giving the lyrics tab. Where you can go check the lyrics of the song you are listening to. Now I simply listen and sing my favorite song.

3) Easy Navigation: sometimes it’s really difficult to manage the apps. We all struggle to find our favorite songs or that one song we listen on repeat. So the new Gaana app has made our life easy by simply keeping our favorite song at one place, downloads at another.


4) Easy Downloads: you can download and watch unlimited songs and video on the new Ganna app. So keep listening to Gaana guys!

5) East Interface: The new Gaana app has also launched a new interface where you can use the app in your regional language. The new interface has 9 Indian languages i.e. Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam.

So now you know where I listen to some crazy songs.

To Download the new Gaana 4.0 app, visit or SMS ‘gaana’ to 58888

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