I found green getaway near Mumbai at Attra Camping and Farming


Fashion blogging is not only one thing which keeps my life alive, there is more about me which keeps me grounded, happy and peaceful. It simply travel. From past 10days I badly wanted to visit mountains and soak myself in nature. So I decided to go Attra’s Farming and Camping in Karjat. The place is surrounded by waterfalls, rivers and mountains. I can say a great destination for peace with all access to basic amenities.

We started around 8.30 am and reached at 10.30, Attra’s Camping and Farming. They have 3 bungalow’s situated at distant location at the farm. Each bungalow can easily occupy 20 to 25 people, so I am sure my next big fat family get-together will be at Attra’s Camping and Farming. After settling in my room, I was served delicious snacks and tea.


The main reason to stay at Attra’s camping and farms was to do these kick-ass activities. I’ll tell you why! They offer riffle shooting and horse riding, which is a great combo to refresh your muscles. The authorized person who’s name is Vikas ji explained us how to handle and shoot the rifle. At first attempt I hit the air, sigh! However, on my next turn, I hit thrice on the board and yeah some happiness!


Horse riding, I loved it! Little scary in the beginning but later, I enjoyed riding the horse.

Other than this if you are a trekking enthusiast, you can also go for a trekking and enjoy the beauty around. I personally did not go for a long trekking but yes I took a stroll in the farm and upside the hill. You can see the river from the up and it was not tiring at all. It was a successful try. .

Sight seeing:
I visited one near by waterfall and dam to experience some crazy rains and view. It took me less than 15 minutes of drive to visit both the places. Trust me it was so near by and beautiful.



What I wore:
It was raining so I took ample amount of clothes. My fashion advise on such visits are to take light clothes because it takes a lot of time to dry. I packed shorts, dungaree, long body con dress, cotton shirt and a denim dress while returning back to Mumbai.


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