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Hello girls!


Diwali is knocking our doors with lots of happiness and tiring work. Getting glowing skin is a task and everyone’s dream. We do a lot of things to get that perfect wrinkles, fresh and soft skin. However, in this hectic life, it becomes difficult to maintain that healthy life and glowing skin. Being a fashion blogger my life is never on one particular track. There are times when I sleep late and wake up early. I have to shoot in the harsh sunlight to get that perfect picture. Have you ever thought that how I, manage to look great in events and get my daily glow? So here you go:

1) Hydrate yourself: drinking the right amount of water to keep yourself hydrated in this weather is the most important thing. Water helps to remove the toxin from our body which results in clearer and healthy skin. The inner hydration level will definitely reflect on your skin.

2) Beauty Sleep: lack of sleep can cause bad wrinkles and sagging skin. There are days when I sleep late and wake up early and this whole activity leaves a bad skin. However, I have noticed that when I sleep on time and get my sufficient beauty sleep my skin glows naturally. So don’t forget to get some beauty sleep daily.

3)Eat right food: personally I am not a foodie, so eating outside fried food is just not my thing. Thank god! This lifestyle has helped in the long term, such as maintaining cholesterol level, toxin, and oil in my body. Having a right food habit can help you maintain that natural glow and great fit.

4) There are other quick ways, I get my glowing skin or you can say I get my instant glowing skin. It’s the VLCC Ayurveda Deep Pore Cleansing & Brightening Haldi & Tulsi Facial Kit. The product comes in 5 tubes, which includes a face wash, face scrub, face gel, face cream and face pack. The process is really quick, all you have to do is keep this handy to get your instant glow. It is packed with qualities like rose water, haldi, tulsi oil, sunflower oil extract, aloe dry extract and many more skin beneficial ingredients. So guys whenever I am in hurry, I simply go for VLCC Ayurveda Deep Pore Cleansing & Brightening Haldi & Tulsi Facial Kit. It gives a natural glow to my skin by removing extra oil and dirt from my face.

SO now you know all the best things about how I get my instant glow.

Happy Diwali Everyone!

Price: Rs. 200

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