Have a happy pregnancy at Cloudnine Hospital,Kalyani Nagar

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing things a woman can experience in this world. While you are getting ready to welcome your child into this world there are certain things you need to think about. Being pregnant you would probably have endless questions about food, exercises while pregnancy, diet, clothes, lactation and the most important is the hospital where you will deliver your newborn.

So in today’s blog, I am going to reveal something interesting for all those expecting ladies .I am going to talk about the cloudnine Hospital-kalyani Nagar in Pune.

Let me take you through the hospital amenities. Unlike other hospitals where the basic color is white here everything is lively and colorful.

Feeding Room: Feeding your child is a very intimate act and requires privacy. In Cloudnine Hospital you can sit on this pink sofa and feed your baby without any discomfort. You don’t need to worry about privacy and comfort.

Deluxe Rooms: The deluxe rooms at Cloudnine Hospital are amazing. It looks like you are in some five-star hospital. The deluxe room has a comfortable double bed, separate bed for your baby, sofa, fridge, washroom and led tv.

Kids Play Area: A special play area to keep your kids busy while you are busy with your doctor appointments and other tests.

Little Cafe:
Unlike other hospitals where you will find only simple food,here things are little different, you can find everything from cold coffee to macaroons.


Bathroom:While you relax for a bit your baby can enjoy a bath in the separate bathing room for them.

Grand lobby and waiting area:You don’t have stress anymore about where to sit because the Cloudnine Hospital has a huge waiting area, where comfortable sofa are placed to give a home like feeling.

Activity Area:Don’t forget that exercise is really important in pregnancy. The Cloudnine Hospitals has its own activity area, where you can register for pregnancy-related activities and therapies.

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