India Runway Week: Gauhar Khan lights up for Akassh K Aggarwal’s collection

Actress Gauhar Khan walked the ramp for Delhi-based jewellery designer Akassh K Aggarwal.

Gauhar Khan with Aakash K Agarwal

The Boudoir Collection By Akassh K Aggarwal is a recreation of a glorious era of grandeur, splendor and preciousness of jewelry vanity.

Using flora n fauna motifs makes it an Exotic Royal Indian celebration with aesthetics in a contemporary perspective & striking combinations of

Diamonds, rubies emeralds, pearls, sapphires, citrines n several other semi-precious stones. Assortment of multiple accessories options,

gives the collection a versatility to be worn on ethnic as well with Indowestern outfits. The collection resonates with the symbolism by using

fine techniques in filigree motif, stamped light weight metal sheet work, embossed 3D and vibrant metallic colors of gold & silver. The time is

about to be jeweled Bold & Beautiful …

The other designers who were there to look forward to on day 2 were Rishi & soujit, Kanika and Sugandh, Bani Pasricha, Divya Shah &

Lipsa Jain, Pallavi A. Agrawal, Purvi and Aanal, Ankita & Akshita, Ishan Jain, Urvashi & Sukanya , Preyal and Amisha, Nidhi Kejriwal, Ojasvita

Mahendru, Satomi by Raktam.

A mix of boldness and delicateness, Rishi & soujit’s collection is a bit of tradition, a chunk of fresh patterns that were never imagined. A

concoction of bright colours and subdued hues. Spirited, Calm, Over-the-top, Patient, and Energetic. Not out-of-the-box but out-of-the-hat.

That’s how they whip up a fine performance called Rishi & Soujit. Arming a degree from NIFT Kolkata, Soujit completed his course in fashion

designing with a view to surprise and adorn the industry with crazy cuts, vibrant colours and comfort. The spirited, energetic and zesty part

of the dance – that’s him.

Flaunting a degree from INIFD, Rishi hopes to explore the intricate patterns and motifs of the present and bring out the flavour of traditional

fashion with freshness.Gentle. Steady. But nurturing over-the-top dreams in fashion, he’s the grip that brings about the final climax to the tango.

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