Live in style: Have you taken the iStyle challenge by Asian Paints?

Home is a place where our journey starts. So why not fill some colors to our homes and live in style? I personally love changing the interiors of my room every 6 months. Because creating your own room and decorating with some awesome ideas is really a stress buster. Who doesn’t want to live in a well-managed and really a stylist’s house, everyone right? So this festive season why not create a new home by adding some stylish elements.

I recently came across Colour Store by Asian Paints website. Have often seen their Bandra store but never checked what the concept is. Taking the iStyle challenge made the concept much clearer and so much interesting!

I created my own custom made bedroom. I must say that it’s really an awesome idea from Asian Paints to let people create their desired rooms and spaces. You can select your desired space in your house, for example you can select a bedroom and design the way you want. Below are the few steps to participate in the iStyle contest:

1) Go to and click on create room
2) Pick a room from the given list. After picking a room you will get décor options
3) After you see the décor list, pick and element from the given list and drag it your room
4) You can choose your desired color and texture form the list.
5) Once the project is made you can save the project and publish it
6) You will be asked to login through Facebook or Google
7) After login you will see your profile page and the room you created as a picture

This is my entry for the Asian Paints contest. Since I like vintage colors and theme, I created the vintage look. Do let me know how it is!


The whole idea behind making this entries was simply to win a free makeover. As we all know sometimes our moms decides the elements of our room. My current room is so childish. It looks so basic to me. It doesn’t have any theme. I was always fond of French style homes, so after seeing this i-Style contest, I really got excited. I imagined, what if I win the contest, it will be awesome! I would be able create my own style room.

If you are looking for more inspiration, check what other people are making on the website, here: User Entries
Hope you all are ready to create a stylist home with Asian Paints- I Style. Curious about what you going to win then click“>here:

Terms and Conditions for the Asian Paints Contest for i-Style 2016 (“Contest”)
1. This Contest is open for all Indian nationals; however, only participating residents of Mumbai and New Delhi are eligible for the Top Prizes. But, there are many other weekly prizes to be won too!
2. The Contest shall be open for entries only between 12th September, 2016 (0000 hours) and 6th November, 2016 (2359 hours).

If you are looking for some more fun then go ahead submit your entry link in the comment section to win gift voucher worth Rs. 500 each. Looking forward to see your entry guys!

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