I love bodycon dresses!

Hey, my fam! Every time I blog I make sure that I am sending you a positive message. In today’s blog post I am going to display one my favorite bodycon dress. As you can see the title says it all “I love body dresses” and no doubt why I love bodycon dresses, it’s simple, the comfort in bodycon dresses is great. Whenever I am tired I just put on one of my bodycon dress and I am ready to rock.

The long bodycon dress I bought from H&M for Rs. 800. Generally, in H&M India it comes around 1200, however, it was a sale so I got it for cheap. Can you see my footwear, the lacy flat pair is also from H&M and you will not believe it’s for just Rs. 350. Yay yay! That was a shopping lottery day for me. Now just sit back and have a look at this look. To be more aware of such awesome city sale you can follow me on Instagram because I love to make such fantastic buzz!






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