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Travel tension free with Uber Pool #SwitchToPool

Aren’t we all tired of the daily  traffic and pollution thanks to the  endless number of vehicles on the road? We have no space to walk on our Indian roads however we still need   our individuals cars, even though most of us are aware of what our cars do to the environment. Nowadays the situation is so bad that we are not able to see the clear sky, children can’t…


My Delicious Food Walk With Sensodyne

Every time I decide to have my favourite ice cream or a warm cup of coffee, I hope that sharp shooting pain doesn’t hit my teeth but it always does! And so the reason behind conducting this unique food walk organised by So Mumbai for Sensodyne was to address the issue of tooth sensitivity, which a surprisingly large amount of people face everyday, letting people enjoy their favorite dishes #EnjoyLikeYouShould…

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Celebrate memories everyday with the new Instax Mini 8

Memories are those special moments which we remember to make our lives special. So why not capture that moment and keep it forever. There is always a time when we feel like looking back at those old pictures. So these are the pictures which make us smile, cry, happy and laugh. However, I feel memories and photos are something which should be kept next to our eye. Here I mean…

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This wedding season be Sangeet ready!

Music and girls are the best combination. We all need one reason to dress up. In India, we celebrate weddings like never ending festival, so why be under dressed and leave a chance to look great. In this blog post I’ve mixed matched and made this look for Sangeet. Reason why I choose this outfit for Sangeet because we all dance and at the same time we want to look…

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My health spree stay at Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village

Ever imagined waking up at 6 am in the morning, practicing yoga or dining at 7.30 in the evening. Looks impossible right? In our daily hectic city life we tend to leave the real essence of life. So to experience the same I visited Kerala last month. I was amazed to see the beauty around me. I found Kerala city clean and peaceful for my health spree stay. There are…

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Product Review: TBC Natural Vitmin-E Ultra Healing Body Lotion

Hello Girls! So winter is in full swing and we all are enjoying winter to the core. The season is all about hot coffees and chocolates. We all take care of our food requirements and full fill our winter cravings. Do we also take care of our skin in winter? The answer is yes, may be and no. Why not give some priority to our skin in this winter. Make…


Product Review: Veda Earth Pain Relief Oil

Daily stress and hectic lifestyle end up giving us pain in different parts of body. We have no choice but to work and keep going. From past few days I’ve been suffering pain on my right shoulder. And to deal with the pain I’ve been taking a lot of measures, however nothing is helping me out to get rid of my shoulder pain. I recently came across Pain Relief Oil…


Product Review: Under Eye Oil By Veda Earth

Dark circle dark circle! We all have that killing dark circles underneath our eyes and they make us look horrible. No doubt we all take endless measures to hide these dark circles. However, those measures goes in bin and we end up wasting time and money. The route cause of these unwanted dark circles are our unbalanced lifestyle, work culture and hectic schedule. So it’s pretty obvious that we are…


Prestige Silver Oak: Bangalore’s new paradise

Ever dreamt of living in a house fit for kings? A house which is spacious and lavish? So when I talk about lavish, the first thing that comes to my mind is a house which is spacious, beautiful, full of amenities and well designed by a reputed interior decorator.. One of my favorite real estate companies Prestige has done it again, they have recently launched their new project “Prestige Silver…

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Product Review: Masseuscious – Damage Control Cleanser by Organic Harvest

When I think of cleanser, I think of plain liquid which will help me clean my skin after a long hectic day. I must say that cleansers are very important in any girl’s life, without cleansers it’s difficult to get clearer skin. In today’s blog I am going to talk about Masseuscious – Damage Control Cleanser by Organic Harvest. Before writing this product I’ve used the product for 10 days….

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