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The fear of being real me

How many of us can accept the real you? What your fear to accept the real you? I have struggled day and nights to be they perfect girl. There were people who used manipulate me and make me feel worthless. Today, with you guys sharing my real struggle of being real me. There are times when I feel empty, I want to runaway and hide, or I just wanna scream…


Glamping with American Tourister

This was my first experience of glamping with American Tourister India. So, we started around 1 pm and reached the Big Red Tent, Vasind around 5p.m. We walked from the small lanes of Vasind village to reach our destination. It was a long walk with full of raw roads, bushes and small up and down roads. However, I personally enjoyed the scenery, it was mind soothing. After reaching to our…


My visit to Soma Vine Village with Wedding Trunk

Hello guys, Hope you all are doing fantastic and loving fall in India. So in today’s blog I am gonna write about my visit to Soma Vine Village in association with The Wedding Trunk. Wedding Trunk is a well curated market place to meet your all wedding requirements. They are known for their endless efforts and great team to make your wedding hassle free.From designer suites to hand crafted gifts,…


Relived my chidhood at Adlabs Imagica

I don’t remember when was the last time I visited a theme or amusement park. I remember visiting some water and amusement parks during my school days. After that I never got a chance to visit to any amusement park. Adlabs Imagica is located in Khopoli, two hours drive from Mumbai. The best part is once you cross the city, you can drive through empty and green roads. Basically, Mumbai-…


It’s time to let go!

It’s time to let go! Let go of those scars, they are not love anymore Let go of that fear, they are not your emotion anymore Let go of that hand, they are not holding you any more Let go of those memories, their is no hope anymore Let go of that sadness, their is no sacrifies anymore Let go of those tears, they are not worth anymore Let go…


Flaunt That Leg

Hello Hello, Fall has already knocked our doors in India and I, am all excited about my upcoming small holidays. Generally fall is not that cold in India so you can wear your all pretty dresses. Since my blog headline says “Flaunt that leg” which simply means enjoy your life carefree. Nowadays, slit dresses or floral gowns have become one of my favorites because it’s just so me. The other…


Share love this Diwali

What do you like the most in Diwali? I love the lights everywhere and the love we share in Diwlli. The happiness we get meeting our family and friends. The sweets we exchanged with smile. This Diwali I have made a promise to myself that I am gonna share my Diwali with few underprevileged children. I wish you all do the same! Let’s talk about my look. I am wearing…


Why #MeToo? Why not they? #NotMe anymore

Since childhood, I have been taught to live like this and that. This “This and That” includes don’t talk to boys, don’t wear short clothes, ignore people if they are trying to put you down. In school there were a bunch of idiots who made fun of the girl’s size- you know what I mean. If she was carefree then she was tagged as “Ye to aisi hi hai category”…


Not your princess

She lived in a world of fairytale, Where Prince Charming meet his Cinderella while dancing, She lived in a world where Romeo will fight for his Juliet, She lived in a world where Allladin will fly for his Jasmine She lived in a world where Mickey will make his Minnie laugh She lived in world where Popeye will sail for his Olive She lived in a world where prince will…


Get glowing skin this Diwali with VLCC

Hello girls! Diwali is knocking our doors with lots of happiness and tiring work. Getting glowing skin is a task and everyone’s dream. We do a lot of things to get that perfect wrinkles, fresh and soft skin. However, in this hectic life, it becomes difficult to maintain that healthy life and glowing skin. Being a fashion blogger my life is never on one particular track. There are times when…

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