Play The Life Game On Your Terms With Baggit’s New SS16 Collection


Since childhood we have been taught to do this and that. Being a woman what we desire and what we need to accomplish ought to be our first priority. In the past I was frightened, bashful but today I am independent, goal-oriented, and happy. For me life is all about being happy whatever be the circumstances. If something is wrong then change it, if something is stopping from achieving our dreams ,then we need to work harder to achieve them..

I am happy that we girls are nowadays working towards our dreams. We are taking those tiny steps in our careers and making our self independent, powerful and gorgeous.

Girls it’s time to play the life game as per our rules!



I was invited by Baggit India’s new summer spring bag collection bloggers meet at Daily Bar, Bandra. The bloggers meet began with a lot of fun, food and fashion. We played the game where we speculated the type of bag, and other fun games at the event. The afternoon was filled with laughter, happiness and positivity. I was so happy attending Baggit blogger meet and had a chance to meet other bloggers.

Later Mr. Atul Garg, Head Marketing, briefed us about Baggit’s SS16 collection. One thing I figured after his briefing that the SS16 collection is for those women who are passionate to achieve their dreams. Available in unique sizes and made with fine material. The best thing what I liked about the collection is its variety. Baggit has a bag for every occasion. All you have to do is to pick the suitable bag for your occasion. No doubt it will be long lasting.



‘Play the Life Game’ campaign captures different moods & expressions of today’s modern woman.The collection was full of vibrant colors, luxurious fine materials, unique textures and chic prints. Colors like blues, pinks and oranges will definitely cheer the mood of the audiences, because I believe there is color which helps us to celebrate our moods and occasions and Baggit has it all.

For me the bag is just not a bag, it is something that travels with me all over the place. I always say my bag is my closest campanion. When I walk alone it always gives me company, my bag is somebody who is always walking next to me. When I am tensed I hold my bag tight and think of best solutions. When I am happy, I swing with my bag. While travelling alone as an explorer in train, flight or buses, I hug my bag and fall asleep. My bag never leaves me alone. It gives me power to walk alone and achieve my dream.


I tried these two bags; one is tote and the bucket bag. I am a big fan of tote bags. After seeing the bag I couldn’t resist the urge to try them. I would carry the tote bag in my usual working days since this would fit my all necessary things. The color of the tote bag is not too vibrant, so, I could definitely match with my office wears. The orange bucket bag would be my best buddy for weekend outings, because weekends should always be vibrant and peppy.


The bucket bag is the one I liked the most because it caught my attention because it was peppy and stylish.
The bag was light to carry and chic in looks. No doubt the bag is durable and all season. I can definitely match the orange bucket with my whole wardrobe. Other best this about this bag is that whenever I’ll be wearing something simple and so vibrant this bag would help me enhance my look. I know it will grab all the attention.


To check the space inside the bag, I put few necessary things. So I put my purse, makeup essentials like lipstick, foundation, mascara and kajal. Other than this I also put a packet of face tissue and my perfume. No doubt that I could put all my favourite things in the cute little orange bucket bag.

The spring summer collection is now available across Exclusive Baggit Outlets, so girls don’t wait to grab this awesome collection.


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