Priyanka Chopra & Sonam Kapoor Came Forward To Support Sonakshi Sinha’s Troll On Twitter!


Getting trolled on Twitter for Bollywood beauties are normal these days. When they participate in social issues by expressing their thoughts on Twitter, the Twitterati’s take these opinions on other level. The recent troll victim is Dabang actor Sonakshi Sinha.

After she tweeted on the recent meat ban, she got trolled crazily on Twitter. The trolls were pathetic because they were more personal than just a joke on meat ban. Most of them were about body shaming. Bollywood divas Priyanka and Sonam tweeted about the trolls to support poor Sonakshi.

Here is sneak peak of the Tweet:

Here is what Sonakshi replied to Priyanka and Sonam:

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