Product Review: Masseuscious – Damage Control Cleanser by Organic Harvest

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When I think of cleanser, I think of plain liquid which will help me clean my skin after a long hectic day. I must say that cleansers are very important in any girl’s life, without cleansers it’s difficult to get clearer skin. In today’s blog I am going to talk about Masseuscious – Damage Control Cleanser by Organic Harvest.

Before writing this product I’ve used the product for 10 days. So the review is genuine.

The product looks fascinating to me because of it has soft cleanser brush. Yes, the cleanser brushes are nothing new but in my case I require soft bristle brushes because I have sensitive skin. Using harsh bristles on my face brings redness on face. So I am always skeptical on using any brushes on my face. The products has ingredients like Acai berry extract with liquid shea butter and olive oil. Acai berry extract helps in detoxifying your skin, where shea butter and olive oil is good for smoothing the skin.

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How To Use:

Before using splash a little water on your face and exactly after 2 minutes pump enough amount of foam on your face. After this you can now use the cleansing brush gently in upward motion. Massage it for 30-50 sec and rinse with cold water. Follow with lotion or face cream.

Note: Since I’ve personally used the cleanser for 10 days and it didn’t give me any side effects on my skin. I highly recommend the product to ones who are looking for a organic cleanser. Go for this.

Price: Rs. 1495

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