Product Review: TBC Natural Vitmin-E Ultra Healing Body Lotion

Hello Girls!

So winter is in full swing and we all are enjoying winter to the core. The season is all about hot coffees and chocolates. We all take care of our food requirements and full fill our winter cravings. Do we also take care of our skin in winter? The answer is yes, may be and no. Why not give some priority to our skin in this winter. Make your skin look flawless and smooth. So today, I am going to review the Vitmin-E Ultra Healing Body Lotion by TBC Natural.

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Note: Before reviewing the product I’ve used the lotion for 15days. The review is genuine.

Fragrance, I loved the fragrance of the body lotion, it’s absolutely mild and not too sharp to give you a headache. We can say that it’s the same like other body lotion. Basically, whenever I apply it sooths my mind. So I am in love with its fragrance.

Texture, after applying it gives you smooth texture on your skin. No greasy, no thik liquid and oil base. Smooth and mild. It helps you to heel your skin from inside by hydrating your inner layer of the skin. Packed with Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin E, A, B5 and C which helps you to maintain the moisture level in your skin, minimize wrinkles, fine lines and rough skin.

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Price & Net Weight: The price of the lotion is pretty much reasonable. Only Rs. 265. And the net weight is 500ml.
Key Ingredients: The key ingredient of the lotion in Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin E, A, B5 and C.

My Opinion:
So after using the lotion for more than 15 days, I recommend TBC Natural Vitmin-E Ultra Healing Body Lotion. It’s for all skin type and helped me keeping my skin moisture for a longer time. It’s easily available in stores. I say go for it!

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