Relived my chidhood at Adlabs Imagica




I don’t remember when was the last time I visited a theme or amusement park. I remember visiting some water and amusement parks during my school days. After that I never got a chance to visit to any amusement park. Adlabs Imagica is located in Khopoli, two hours drive from Mumbai. The best part is once you cross the city, you can drive through empty and green roads. Basically, Mumbai- Pune highway.

I reached there around 11.30. I had a map with me to locate different spots, rides and restaurants. There were many rides and I was scared to sit. However, my friends sat in all the scary rollercoasters and rides.gun. I love indoor haunted house, which was funny but interesting to watch and experience the slow moving train. There was one shoot game called Ali Baba and Chalis Chor, which is again sit on the slow moving train and shoot the green light with the gun. I felt like paying a real life video game. This was fun to do. End of the ride they show your score on the train screen. Luckily my score was 7000 and my friend won by 14000 points, sigh!

Their was different themed restaurants like buffet,boat themed and cafes. There was small Magnum ice-cream parlors and ice gola counters too. I had a buffet dinner at Zubaloo, and the best part was I visited during food festival.



Live performances and magic show: After a tiring day enjoying rides, I decided to opt for some magic. There was a magic show scheduled at 6.30 P.M by P.C Sorkar and junior. And this was my first time to watch a magic show by famous magician P.C Sorkar.

One this I would like to say is that “Imagica looks amazingly beautiful. You can sit near the pond river and some calm relaxing me time at Adlabs Imgaica.

What I wore: I wore a long body con with a black shrug. Styled the same with black belt. Rest I knew that the whether is killing and extremely hot so I put a cap with my Ray Ban sunglasses. I prefer wearing shoes s that it looks stylish yet comfortable.

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