My simple office outfit style

Hello Ladies!

I hope you all are doing great at your respectable professions. In today’s blog I am going to share some tips about office outfit style. Every morning we all face that dilemma in finding or matching one perfect style to wear in office. Don’t forget office formals have to be comfortable because need to work without any distractions.

So let’s get started on simple office outfit style

When it comes to office fashion we all become lazy and wear any office formals in our day to day life. Don’t forget “fashion brings positivity in life” and wearing smart office formals can make you happy and double your productivity.

Deciding your outfit of the day:




Ahhh! Even I spend atleast 15 minutes in front of wardrobe to think what to wear? Good question. Then I decided that I will wear as per my mood and situation. So if it’s a meeting you have to be dressed in super stylish office formals. I am wearing high waist trousers and a blue shirt. Here I can keep my shirt sleeves folded and also buttoned down at the wrist. You can decided whether to put on the belt or not. Both look good.




Wearing correct shoes: Shoes, heels and sandals! Big dilemma… huh! Before deciding your shoes of the day, decide your outfit of the day and then you can choose accordingly. So here I am wearing brogues because my whole look is in blue and black brogues would give a contrast look. They are comfortable and goes with all.

Office hairstyle:

Nowadays, mid partition hair is in trend. All most all the stars are slaying in mid partition hairstyle. You can also try mid part ponytail as it goes along with every style and is very much in fashion.

Accessories and hand bag: Keep it minimal. Wearing too much of accessories on your office outfit can ruin your entire look. Here I am wearing a chain watch.
The big tote bag is a must have. My big black tote bag by Rocky star is a gives a super add to my entire look.

Makeup: No doubt I always go for minimal makeup. A shade of lipstick, mascara, kohl kajal and a light layer of foundation will make bring glow to your face.
P.s don’t forget to use perfume.
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