Sonam Kapoor shoots for Harper’s Bazaar next cover and talked about her struggle in Bollywood

=After the release of Neerja, Sonam became one of the finest actress in Bollyowood, who is not only known for her fashion but also her art. After fighting for 8 years in Bollywood, this B-Town gorgeous diva fought for her dignity. I know how difficult it is to survive in a place, where there are thousands of monsters to pull your leg and make you feel that this place doesn’t belong to you.

On this women’s day Sonam Kapoor has showed to the world that she is much more than those stylish clothes and makeup. She has shut all those blabbering mouth and she rose like a shining star.

The Harper’s Bazaar shot Sonam Kapoor’s beautiful angles, which shows the power of a rising star.






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