How To Style Your Basic Clothes

Hello Girls!

In this blog post I am going to explain, “how to style basic clothes?” You can check my YouTube channel for a better idea on styling basic clothes. We all have a few pair of basic clothes in our wardrobe. There are days, when we don’t feel like wearing our so called stylish clothes and we simply go for basic clothes like t-shirt, denims and tops. Sometimes these clothes make us feel comfortable. When I put on any of my basic clothes like denim, tops and t-shirt, I make sure that my face is not looking dull and my hair is properly styled.

Know more on how to style your basic clothes

Always remember, while styling your basic clothes, you can always wear few accessories and nice shoes. Because wearing basic clothes doesn’t mean you have to keep it simple.I am only wearing a watch, however yo can always go for accessories.

Hairstyle: Here, I have made a braid which obviously giving volume to my hair and making my basic clothes look good. Try not going for a simple pony tail, this can make your whole look sad. With hairstyle you can also do slight makeup.

Less Makeup: Please don’t over do your makeup. Don’t over do your basic style with belts. If it is not required than leave the belt aside.

Wear best looking footwear: Rather than wearing a simple slipper, I’ve chosen a brogues because you know they are stylish as hell.

Wear Sunglasses:
Give your self more confidence by wearing a pair of sunglasses. Because they are meant to make you look stylish

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