Summer style is all about florals and funky hairstyles

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April 21, 2017

Hello lovelies, I hope you all are enjoying summers and not too worried about what to wear this summer. So reduce your little chaos of summer fashion, I am going to post series of summer style stories in coming days. Let’s talk about today’s blog. I am wearing floral body suit which my sister bought from Veromoda and the white sneakers are by H&M. In this blog more than the…


Trend Today: High Waist Pants And Turtle Neck Tops

March 28, 2017

In trend today, I am showcasing the best trends in current days. Those high waist pants and turtle neck t-shirts are definitely catching lot of eyes. In today’s blog post I am wearing this high waist pant and turtle neck t-shirt by Zara. I bought these in sale. You can always pick something similar and look chic. All you have to do is to carry it with the right attitude….


Checked In: How I Styled My Checked Pants

September 18, 2016

Checked pattern or tartan style is never out of style. So in this fashion blog I decided to create a simple look with my checked pants. With checked pants or outfit I always prefer to go for plain top or a bottom. These checked pants can wore in different ways… I guess it’s an apt outfit for multiple occasion. In this blog I wore a black brogues but you can…


My simple office outfit style

September 4, 2016

Hello Ladies! I hope you all are doing great at your respectable professions. In today’s blog I am going to share some tips about office outfit style. Every morning we all face that dilemma in finding or matching one perfect style to wear in office. Don’t forget office formals have to be comfortable because need to work without any distractions. So let’s get started on simple office outfit style When…


How To Style Your Basic Clothes

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July 16, 2016

Hello Girls! In this blog post I am going to explain, “how to style basic clothes?” You can check my YouTube channel for a better idea on styling basic clothes. We all have a few pair of basic clothes in our wardrobe. There are days, when we don’t feel like wearing our so called stylish clothes and we simply go for basic clothes like t-shirt, denims and tops. Sometimes these…


The Blue Summer: Matching Shirt Crop And High Waist Skirt

June 14, 2016

So guys tell me how was your summer 2016? How did you beat the heat? I spent my summer vacationing near to the beaches and clicking pictures. This summer I stayed in-door, however this particular blog shoot was outdoor and under the shining sun. If you see I am wearing this blue crop shirt and high waist pleated skirt, wearing a matching tops and bottoms are in trend.Keeping the trend…


When I shopped offline at Brand Factory’s Shop Offline Denim Festival

June 1, 2016

What do you do when you hear news about your most loved denim brands are on discount? It was a busy day, I was doing a regular scroll on Twitter to check trends and news. While scrolling, I saw this hashtag “ShopOffline” treading at the top in Twitter trends. I got curious to know about the trend, I saw tweets about people buying top most denim brands at reasonable rates….


My Sassy Checked Skirt By Lakasa

May 31, 2016

Everytime I dress up, I feel positive. For me getting dressed is the biggest stress booster. As a fashion blogger, I always try to create look for readers, which are easy to create. So this time I wore my sassy checks shirt by Lakasa. The best thing about this skirt is the weigh tof the skirt. It’s so light that I can wear them whole day. We all should that…


Little Black Skirt By Lakasa

IMG_0948 - Copy (2)
May 24, 2016

For me black pleated skirt is just like a royal affair. I can’t imagine my life without having a black color in my wardrobe. In this blog I am wearing a high waist pleated skirt by Lakasa. I have style by black pleated skirt in two ways, one with a black crop t-shit and another with a black bra let. You can also try this skirt or any little black…


Aishwarya Rai’s Look At Cannes Red Carpet

May 15, 2016

The off-shoulder Rami Kadi dress is speechless. Aishwarya Rai slayed the red carpet of Cannes for her movie screening Sarbjit. The lady caught all the camera on the red carpet. The lavender lipstick is really an eye catching. Please follow and like us: