My health spree stay at Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village

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December 13, 2016

Ever imagined waking up at 6 am in the morning, practicing yoga or dining at 7.30 in the evening. Looks impossible right? In our daily hectic city life we tend to leave the real essence of life. So to experience the same I visited Kerala last month. I was amazed to see the beauty around me. I found Kerala city clean and peaceful for my health spree stay. There are…


Live in style: Have you taken the iStyle challenge by Asian Paints?

October 10, 2016

Home is a place where our journey starts. So why not fill some colors to our homes and live in style? I personally love changing the interiors of my room every 6 months. Because creating your own room and decorating with some awesome ideas is really a stress buster. Who doesn’t want to live in a well-managed and really a stylist’s house, everyone right? So this festive season why not…


Celebrate your new Home with Westside

Westside Homes
August 26, 2016

Happiness is at home! For me happiness is reaching home after a long, hectic day. Home is one thing that keeps me positive. Sometimes all I need a corner in my house, a few cushions, candles, coffee and a book to read .Being a girl, I love to decorate my room and other parts of the house. However, the city life takes up all the time. We all are so…


My Sassy Checked Skirt By Lakasa

May 31, 2016

Everytime I dress up, I feel positive. For me getting dressed is the biggest stress booster. As a fashion blogger, I always try to create look for readers, which are easy to create. So this time I wore my sassy checks shirt by Lakasa. The best thing about this skirt is the weigh tof the skirt. It’s so light that I can wear them whole day. We all should that…


U & Us Home Design studio

May 29, 2016

For me decorating my home is the best job I can perform day and night. However, due to hectic schedule we somewhere compromise in our lifestyle. You always take a step back when it comes to giving a week to make your dream house. I was invited to the new venture started by Godrej-U & Us Home Design studio, where you can take a professional services and get your home…


I combined my little black dress with black brogues

April 5, 2016

I combined my little black dress with black brogues Where ever I go, my eyes follow all black dresses. Finally, I got my first little black dress. I suggest every girl should have that one little black dress in her closet. You can wear this black dress on any occasion without thinking so much on what to wear? This is a simple answer to your questions, because this never goes…


CASHe App made debut as India’s first money borrowing app

April 2, 2016

CASHe- India’s first digital app to borrow money and providing short term loans. I always stopped myself at month ends, when my gang wanted to go parties. This has become usual for me to say,”I am not coming. I guess I’ve opted the culture of being broke at month end and end up asking money from my parents. I shamelessly say, “I have no money.” These are the day when…


Yope or nope: Swara Bhaskar’s desi girl look in Natasha J

March 16, 2016

At Rangoli show our versatile actor Swara Bhaskar wore this anarkali kurta and chanderi pants designed by Natasha J. This print-n-match collection by the designer Natasha J made Swara look like a modern desi girl. Personally, I loved the color of the anarkali . I am sure Swara must have rocked the show in this comfortable attire. Wearing some silver jewelry and copper makeup is just fabulous. Please follow and…


Airport Style: Parineeti Chopra’s Airport Look

March 15, 2016

Spotted Parineeti Chopra wearing blue dress and black leather jacket at the airport. Brogue are in trend these days because they can be matched with any dress and styling. On her blue dress she wore a pair of black brogues. Keeping her hair open wearing black glasses, she is looking cool. Please follow and like us:


My Latest Pick From OXOLLOXO

January 1, 2016

As my new year begins with full of liveliness and fashion, I picked this knee length palazzo pants and cotton stripe jacket from To make my look more chic I wore it with a pair of brown oxfords. My mid parting braids are giving enough space to my clothes with minimum appearance of hair in front. Actually the reason behind my this hairstyle is the bad hair day. So…