The fear of being real me


How many of us can accept the real you?
What your fear to accept the real you?

I have struggled day and nights to be they perfect girl. There were people who used manipulate me and make me feel worthless. Today, with you guys sharing my real struggle of being real me.

There are times when I feel empty,
I want to runaway and hide, or I just wanna scream my heart out,
At times I want to sip a wine and read books, sometimes I wanna sink in the water and feel the coolness!
Sometimes I want to reveal my secrets and talk about it.
Times I wanna travel alone.
I want to talk to someone and expect not be judged or made fun of my emotions!
At times I don’t want to hold my tears and let it fall!
Sometimes I want to look the best without hiding my scars.
Times when I need a hug and sleep.
I want to eat care free and dance like no one is watching.
I want to wear no makeup and see the real me.
There are times I hate my phone!
But the fear is real that I will miss some work calls

Each one is have our own journey to follow, I am not here to lecture you, just here to say that I am one of you, struggling and walking my path.

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