How I dealt when someone called me “God she is too dark” my real life experience



Hello pretty ladies out there, hope you all are doing great. Since the New Year has begun, I am all excited to write this blog for all the dusky beauties out there. If you see the title of the blog is “How I dealt when someone called me “God she is too dark…..”, for me beauty is more than just looking good. What defines beauty or who has given rights to this mean society to call you beautiful. No body!

Through this blog, I would like to share an experience I had last year. So last year, one of my friend asked me to model for one of her friend, a one round of walk showing my nails and let the photographer click the whole look. The third person was a nail art artist. My friend who is a good friend of mine so, I agreed ok! I will go for the same. I arrived at the exhibition center at 9 in the morning. The nail artist came out to receive me. Before I describe the whole incident, I would like to tell you that I had sent my few pictures to the nail artist girl and had spoken to her saying that these are just pictures. If you can see I am not a model and I am a dusky skin girl. She said ok, that’s not an issue. So after she came out, her first reaction seeing me outside at the gate was simply negative and shocking. Her face was in a shock! Which I expected! She took me at her stall and asked me to sit. I sat looking around things, wondering what exactly she want me to do.

The best part about me is that I have got a good hearing skills. I heard the nail artist saying to another friend that “GOD SHE IS TOOO DARK”, and the other girl said, “you didn’t see her picture or what”. After hearing all this, I thought let just ignored the conversation. And I ignored. Later after 5 minutes other bunch of team arrived. And they all assembled in a group. Taking an open eyes look at me and discussing oh! She is too dark. Even the girl for whom I came was saying the same. So, I stood up and went up to the nail art girl and said, “Listen I am leaving!” She asked me why, what happened? I replied, I guess you are looking for a fair tone girl and I am not. I am simply wasting my time here and my time is precious. I suggest, you better find a fair tone girl. Byeee! I walked out of that place.

Hearing those words infront my eyes and seeing those reaction at my skin made me feel like, I am not here to get judged. I feel we all should to feel great in our skin and body.



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